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Woodside Avenue School is nestled among the trees in suburban Franklin Lakes, NJ. Its warm, inviting appearance reflects the supportive, team approach espoused by its 65 highly committed professional staff. Woodside serves a school community of approximately 300 students grades K-5, including three special education classes. Once within its walls, one immediately senses the commitment to providing a positive learning environment for its students; one in which individual differences are paramount in the development of age-appropriate activities, and in which students develop the tools to become self-sufficient, life-long learners. A highly skilled staff utilizes the most effective teaching strategies to accomplish these goals.


     Together We Will Shoot for the Stars!

Upcoming Events
Repeating Event - Art with Mrs B
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Repeating Event - Spark fit
8:15 AM - 8:45 AM
Repeating Event - Fashion
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Repeating Event - Sparkfit
8:15 AM - 8:45 AM
Repeating Event - Mad Science
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
District Announcements
2014 BC Teacher Recognition Awards
Click HERE to read about this year's Bergen County Teacher Recognition Award/Education Service Professional recipients.
Year 1 District and School HIB Grade Report
Click HERE for the Year 1 District and School HIB Grade Report.
School News and Views via Constant Contact
Welcome to good news updates about Franklin Lakes Public Schools via the Constant Contact direct email resource. In our continuing effort to meet the communication needs of our constituency, we look to publish messages from a variety of sources that will inform our school and general communities. Issues will provide information from our District office and our schools and also incorporate more from such sources as our Board of Education, school partners (e.g., PTA, FLEF, Borough), and student related town organizations (e.g., Recreation, Public Library, Municipal Alliance).

There is no need to click, search, or subscribe; the Constant Contact communication will come directly to you. Of course, you can unsubscribe from this resource at any time and then re-subscribe in the future. Enjoy!

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School Announcements
No Fuss Lunch

Please remember that Wednesday is October 1st. If you order No Fuss Lunch for your child, your order must be in by 8:00 pm Tuesday, September 30th.

Thank  you



Recreation Programs
The Borough of Franklin Lakes offers terrific Recreation Programs for our students. The link is available at the Borough of Franklin Lakes website, www.franklinlakes.org  
There is a link that provides email updates.
"I am a youth athlete.
I am brave and strong and talented. But I'm still just a kid. I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. I need you to be patient while I test the limits of my body and work through the emotions that come with success and failure. When I make a mistake, I wonder if you'll be disappointed. When I reach my goals, I look to see if you are watching. I am a youth athlete. I love my sport. You call it a competition. I call it playing the game. I want to win and have fun. I am a youth athlete. I am YOUR athlete. Winning feels great, but your praise feels infinitely better. Please remember these things and I promise to do my best and make you proud."
Congratulations Gabrielle!
Congratulations to our wonderful writer Gabrielle!

Dear WAS Families,

On Friday, the letter copied below, was send home in the oldest sibling's backpack.  Please use the pink cards for pick up on Monday, September 8th.

In addition, if you have not completed and turned in the Daily Dismissal Schedule, please do so immediately.  Please know that we need this form to confirm dismissal procedures.

Thank you,

Kristine J. Cecere

September 5, 2014
Dear WAS Parents / Guardians:
The purpose of this letter is to further communicate the dismissal procedure at Woodside Avenue School and provide you with the 2014-2015 dismissal cards.
Attached please find two pink dismissal cards (per family) to be used at time of pick up. You may not use any other cards for pickup. Please attach one of these cards to the passenger side visor of your vehicle, making it visible to a staff member as you approach the pick up area. Please either keep the additional card or give it to another adult you authorize to pick up your child(ren).
Because our process is currently being monitored, your total compliance with the following will be appreciated:
  • Children may only enter and exit vehicles curbside. Please move car or booster seats if necessary.
  • Adults may not leave vehicles for any reason.  Staff members will assist children when appropriate.
  • Vehicles may not at any time be left unattended.
  • Hand held cell phones may not be used while driving on school property
  • Vehicles must have the appropriate number of seat belts and/or car seats for children
  • While moving up in the car line and while waiting as your child gets into your vehicle, you may not leave more than twelve inches between the vehicle in front of you and behind you. The first car of the line must proceed to the staircase near the Multipurpose Room entrance.
  • Please do not engage staff in conversations about your child; please do so by contacting them by phone or email.
We have been informed that no vehicle may remain standing on Woodside Avenue during this process.  Please know that the Franklin Lakes Police have the right to ticket your vehicle if it is not moving during pick up time.
Once again, we are committed to a safe and orderly dismissal process that also provides for no standing vehicles on Woodside Avenue.
Thank you.
Kristine J. Cecere

Books to Prepare Children for the Transition to Kindergarten
For all of our new Kindergarten Parents - 

Below please find a listing of Books to Prepare Children for the Transiton to Kindergarten

Teacher of the year!

Congratulations to Ms. Lorraine Preziosi who was selected by the Bergen County Teacher/Education Services Professionals Recognition Program or "Teacher of the Year" for Woodside Avenue School.  Ms. Preziosi was nominated and then selected by a panel of judges that included administrators, teachers, and parents.

Congratulations Ms. Preziosi!

Donald Samull Classroom Herb Gargen Grant

We are thrilled to announce that Woodside Avenue School is the recipient of the 

The Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant 

Through the wonderful work of Ms. Nieporte of our PTA and Ms.Kroczynski, we will
receive three (3) windowsill herb  garden kits including pots, soil, seeds and educational materials to use in the classroom. The Herb Society of America also will provide additional educational materials.

This grant aligns and will provide additional support for our Science Curriculum in all grade levels.

Thank you Ms. Nieporte and Ms. Kroczynski! 


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